About Us

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CascadiaJS is a conference for web developers, by web developers. It was started in 2012 by folks in the Pacific Northwest to better connect and celebrate the amazing work of the developers communities across the region. We have held CascadiaJS in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia and are returning to Seattle, where we started, for our 2018 event.

We run CascadiaJS for the benefit of developers and the developer community. We care about helping people break into tech, learn new skills, meet interesting people and have fun with each other. We are proud to provide a platform for new and diverse voices in our industry.


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Every year, we strive to make our community broader and more inclusive. We spend a great deal of time and energy encouraging community members from under-represented groups in tech to attend and participate. Our community has grown a great deal since 2012 and you can find us at local meetups, on Twitter and on Slack.

Leveling Up

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The #1 reason people attend CascadiaJS is because of the amazing line-up of speakers that we curate every year. Our talks run the gamut of JavaScript and web engineering; everything from front-end design to distributed systems to building happy and healthy engineering teams.

All of our talks are recorded and made available online for free. Check-out talks from previous years to get a feel for the kinds of topics that we cover:

Having Fun

having fun

Finally, an important part of helping folks connect is creating an inclusive and fun environment. We've thrown pool parties, karaoke jams and a Hacker Olympics competition complete with medals and prizes. After a long day of talks, it's a relief for folks to be able to unwind and enjoy time with all the new friends they've made.

And make no mistake: you'll make some great friends. CascadiaJS attracts a wonderful collection of smart, talented and kind people. The kind of people who believe that empathy and communication skills are more important than being able to whiteboard a bubble sort. The kind of folks who believe in open standards and open source. The kind of developers who believe that building software for a diverse world requires a diverse team of engineers.

If this sounds like, please join us for CascadiaJS 2018! ❤️

Highlights From Past Events