Guide to Seattle

CascadiaJS isn't just happening at the Amazon Meeting Center, we're putting together awesome events all over Seattle. So if you're not sure how to get to Living Computers, or you're wondering what good restaurants are nearby Cinerama, our Seattle guide will have you covered.

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Map of Seattle

Getting to the Conference Venue

We strongly encourage folks to take public transportation to the conference and to arrive as early as possible. The Amazon Meeting Center is located in downtown Seattle and the traffic is pretty awful during the work week.

There are several public parking lots around the venue, here is a link to a PDF with more information.

Directions from the Thompson Seattle to the Amazon Meeting Center (0.5 mile walk)

  • Head northwest on 1st Ave towards Lenora
  • Turn right and head northeast on Lenora
  • Turn right on 7th Ave, arrive at 2031 7th Ave

Directions from the Moxy Seattle to the Amazon Meeting Center (0.6 mile walk)

  • Head west on Republican St
  • Turn left and head south on Westlake Ave
  • Turn right onto Lenora
  • Turn left on 7th Ave, arrive at 2031 7th Ave

Getting to the Opening Party


Directions from the Amazon Meeting Center to Cinerama (0.2 mile walk)

  • Head southwest on Lenora
  • Arrive at 2100 4th Ave

Getting to the Closing Party

living computer

Directions from the Amazon Meeting Center to the Living Computer Museum

We have blocked off time in between the end of the conference and the beginning of the Closing Party for attendees to get dinner in Seattle and make their way to Living Computers. There are dozens of great places to eat in between the conference venue and Westlake Station, if you plan on taking the Light Rail. This will involve 1.3 total miles of walking:

  • Walk to Westlake Station (0.4 miles)
  • Take Light Rail to Stadium Station
  • Walk to Living Computers (0.9 miles)

You can also take the local 21 bus (Westwood Village Via 35th Ave SW):

  • Head southwest on Lenora
  • Turn left on Virgina
  • Hop on bus at 3rd Ave & Virginia St
  • Hop off bus at 1st Ave S & S Stacy St
  • Walk north half a block
  • Arrive at 2245 1st Ave S

Places to Eat




Weekend Fun